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The speciality of mixing standout plan with faultless execution

We are a fully-administered advanced consultancy that accomplices with your enterprise to inspire possibility. Working with your business to kick off something new, together.

We pursuit top-notch mobile experience than just building apps

Fixed price cost

Our valuing is interesting on the grounds that it depends on the result, not yield. Our level expenses mirrors the distinction we make to your business result, not on the number of yields we convey.

Time and material

T&M contract requires charging customers for the genuine work dependent on a pre-chosen hourly rate. So you’re charged for the quantity of man hours spent on your undertaking, in addition to the expense of framework.

Offshore Development

Recruit our committed and experienced designers who are qualified specialists in mobile application, web applications, and Blockchain development to take your venture from vision to progress.

We have done it before. We will do it again!

We have number of years experience in providing high quality mobile app services for market segment with strong demand for digital products


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22 yards is a platform developed for all cricket lovers to meet new league players and find nearby tournaments in your area grounds.

22 yards helps all the enthusiastic cricket players to play matches when they love to play. A complete web portal to fulfill the players to connect tournaments. 22 yards desired to improve cricket standards, by providing interface to organize and participate tournaments, Request players, Live scoring and grounds bookings.

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Reapmor is an agricultural based application which connects farmers, agronomists and a business development executive for the farming process in agricultural land.

This app helps ensure the consistency of pesticide or other agricultural solutions. Agronomists can help farmers with the amount of solvent, the mixing time and the spraying areas so that they get the best value for investment. The app is compatible with Android and iOS

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Kidde budde is a platform for kids to learn and share new activities with the kids around your area, engage and emphasize them from the digital world.

Our client is passionate about keeping kids safe in the digital environment, especially when they are surrounded by mobile apps in their devices. He decided to develop a mobile app- Kidde budde (Toy sharing app) for kids to request, share their toys and to find some interesting fun activities nearby.

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