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SpellBee International

Spell Bee International is an educational organisation that helps students to learn English in a unique way of learning. Spell Bee International has 25 years of experience in education research and they succeeded by implementing their policies in 100’s of schools and colleges and certified 1 million students.

Client’s stipulation

They approached us for a complete digital solution for their business, in which they are facing issues for managing accounts, operations, marketing and logistics activities. They would like to key track their employees performance and business development.

ApproLabs’s solution

ERP: At ApproLabs we provided them an unmitigated ERP system in which they can effectively manage their business. Our solution helped them to govern their entire business process in all their departments. We made 40% of their business to automation and after that they’re able to handle an existing process of 60%. This veritable ERP solution worked effectively.

Mock test application

As per the client’s requirement we’ve developed a mobile application for mockup tests. In this application you are able to attend mockup tests from anywhere and scores can be updated once you’ve completed the test. Your tests will be segregated in levels and groups. Each and every level has set of questions and carries scores

Features that we integrated

Sign up: Users have to sign up using their credentials and create a profile to learn the course. Your profile will be updated with all your courses and grades.

Spell it right: We integrated audio file type for answering questions. This helps to learn about phonetics and test your skills.

Word analysis: Two different clusters to find appropriate words for the question with a hint also be provided.

Inflects and collocation: Matching inflect for the given context must be chosen to find an appropriate answer.

Find the correct answer: One sentence would be stated in two variations only you have to correct suitable

General knowledge: Words arranged subsidy or you may get general knowledge questions in english grammar.

Summary: This section shows your scores of all your assessments and scores will be segregated into four stages and groups. In this you can get the questions which they have marked for review and which are not visited.



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“Great experience with this company. Attentive and excellent communication. Up front pricing and excellent work completed. Would recommend it to anyone.”

Founder (Spell Bee International)

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